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Michele WilkersonOwner, Michele Wilkerson


Despite numerous efforts from teachers and mentors, an introduction to outside culture and diversity was lacking growing up in Mount Sterling, Illinois.  I didn’t know any different and growing up in West Central Illinois, I took our community for granted. The fact that anyone would do anything for anyone in this special area of the world is an incredible and nurturing value to my world today.  This stands out as one of the many principles (community and family alike) that make West Central Illinois a relatively unique place from the rest of the country.

The first time I was in a yoga studio, my mission became clearer. A conscious awareness of the space developed around me and I began to ask myself “Why haven’t I learned this before now?”  This practice, thousands of years old, gives people an opportunity to improve themselves, both physically and mentally. That it hadn’t reached an area where five generations of my family originated dumbfounded me. It crystallized my mission to give back to the same community that fostered all these wonderful values I still carry with me today. 

The concept of a vinyasa yoga studio grew; accessible, inclusive and founded on the same principles I was raised with in West Central Illinois. As an enthusiastic yogi since 2006, I have seen the life-changing affects it can have on a student new to the practice. A sense of confidence, positive behavior changes and healthier choices ultimately create a better citizen to the immediate community.

I am looking forward to encouraging and empowering a holistic approach to the yogi-lifestyle for all residents.  My goal is that this doctrine of vigorous health and mental preparedness will help my community better deal with the challenges of modern daily living in our corner of the world.