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Michele Wilkerson

Michele’s teaching philosophy centers around your breath; connecting breath to body and creating efficiencies in the way the breath moves the body will elevate the awareness of the world around you.  Competitive by nature, an ex-athlete and runner, Michele stepped into her first yoga studio in 2006.  Intrigued by the personal, mental and physical challenges yoga proposed, she quickly fell in love with the vinyasa yoga practice. Michele has 500+ hours of training and certifications in vinyasa, family, community and children's yoga.  Through her training she wants to help inspire each student on their mat and to carry the lessons learned through their breath into their daily life.





Erin has explored and practiced yoga on and off the mat for the past 10 years. After taking a couple Vinyasa Flow yoga classes, she began to feel more grounded and a deeper connection to her mind, body and spirit. Erin knew she had found her path and began on her yogic journey. She started practicing regular in early 2014 and after a few months she decided to dive deeper into yoga and started her teacher training. Erin completed her 200 hour teacher certification through Yoga7even in the Fall that year and is certified with Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200. Erin began teaching in September and enjoys sharing her knowledge and love of yoga to family, friends and the community around her. She welcomes all to class and looks forward to meeting you! Let your dreams be your wings and your heart be your guide. Namaste




Mia’s practice began in 2009. After her first heated Vinyasa Flow class, she left sweaty, happy, and confident that she had found her practice. Intense curiosity brought her back to her mat again and again. After several years of cultivating her yoga practice on and off the mat, she was ready to dig deeper, and began her Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga7even. With a background in music and music therapy, Mia is interested in making yoga accessible to everyone and every body. Her classes bring positive energy, breath, community, and of course – music!







Shaina’s yoga practice began back in 2008 in her home state of Michigan. Certified through Prairie Yoga’s 200 hour RYT school in 2010, she has been teaching a diversity of classes in multiple studios around the midwest ever since. Some of these classes include Ashtanga, Prenatal, Restorative, and Teen Yoga. Her training background is rooted in the Ashtanga Yoga practice, and emphasizes a healthy amount of alignment based theory and sequencing. Yoga is not one size fits all, but it is accessible to all. Shaina’s teaching style honors this theory greatly, as well as the uniqueness of all who roll out their mats to practice with her. The breath and the asana invites us into the greater physical body at first, creating space and awakening dormant cellular intelligence. It is from here she says, that we can begin to tune into the subtle energetic bodies within our being. As we practice tuning into the breath and body, we refine our perceptions and recognize ourselves as the wholeness that we are.

Shaina is the mama of two young children, and currently partners with her husband Jacob to spread awareness about deep sustainability, biological composting, and responsible farming practices. She has been practicing Transcendental Meditation since 2012, and is also extremely passionate about childbirth education and rights as well as all things related to conscious motherhood. Recently a new resident to the community, she can’t wait to connect with all of you!