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Partners & Friends

Saren Stiegel

SarenMotivational speaker and coach, Founder and CEO of The Glow Effect, Saren Stiegel is a professional glow-getter. After a short career as a criminal defense and family law attorney, Saren realized fighting darkness, internally and externally, didn’t affect positive change. Now, through her courses, lectures, and workshops, she augments light by inspiring thousands of individuals yearning to rock the world to get their GLOW on!

The Glow Effect: Are you a heart-centered, ambitious person trying to figure out how to be a dynamic, awesome you in a money-driven world? You know that there is something more to your life. You want to be enthusiastic about life, do things you're naturally great at, that you have passion for, AND profit, but you’re struggling to get a leg up. At The Glow Effect, we inspire thousands to become the hero of their own life by glowing. A glow is both the cause and the effect of a miraculous life. When you glow, you’re emitting radiance and accomplishment (even in your pajamas!), then your light communicates to the world around you. It’s the X factor, the je ne sais quoi, the aura of a profound happiness wherever you go. With this stunning power, you magnetize your version of radical success. Simultaneously, people around you become inspired to cultivate similar joy. The Glow Effect becomes not just an individual shift, but a glo(w)bal movement.TGE

Jessica Carlin

Jessica was one of Michele's most frequented teachers in Chicago and is now offering weekend retreats in Wisconsin!  For more information, contact Michele at Yoga7even.

C.Yellow Photography

C.Yellow is located right here in Quincy, IL!
Please visit them at: to see more of their amazing photography.