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What is yoga and how does it differ from stretching?
Yoga translates to “union”.  In yoga practice we bring together mind, body and breath.  It is different from stretching because as you practice the union of mind, body and breath you elevate an awareness of habitual physical and mental behavior.  From this awareness, your body and mind become more flexible. 

What is Vinyasa Yoga?
One of the aims of yoga practice is to invite as much clarity in our lives as possible, while avoiding ignorance and agitation. Yoga aims to reach a state of elevated consciousness or pure goodness in all aspects of life. The discipline of Vinyasa yoga creates a flow to connect breath and movement to awaken the body’s energy centers. All students will feel a sense of moving meditation and will experience many physical benefits as well as mental and emotional; including stress relief, pain relief, better breathing, flexibility, increased strength, weight management, improved circulation, cardiovascular conditioning, presence and inner peace.

How often should I practice?
As often as you can; the more you practice, the more benefits you will feel. 

How many poses are there?
Yoga isn’t just a pose, it is a way of life.  At Yoga7even, we stopped counting at 84 million poses. 

I’m not flexible, can I do yoga?
Yes!  Yoga is considered a practice, like any other physical activity, you must practice to learn techniques.  If you can breath and move, you can do yoga! 

What do I need to begin my yoga practice?
Your body, your mind and a little bit of curiosity.  We also suggest a comfortable pair of workout shorts and shirt, but no need for shoes.  Yoga7even has mats and towels available to rent, but you are welcome to bring your own as well. 

Why are some classes heated?
Heated Vinyasa benefits the body because it increases circulation, metabolism and strengthens the cardiovascular system.  Sweating helps to detoxify your body and rejuvenate your skin.  At Yoga7even, we understand it is not for everyone which is why we offer a full schedule of cooler yoga options. 

I’m new to yoga, why do a few poses hurt?
Yoga should ALWAYS feel good.  Ask for modification, variation or explore on your own and create a new version of the pose! 

Does Yoga7even have parking available?
Yes!  A full parking lot behind the studio is available during all classes.

Have more questions? 
Contact Yoga7even, we’ll be happy to help!