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Class Descriptions

All Vinyasa flows will leave the class feeling invigorated and energized.

Intro to Vinyasa Yoga

This class will be a workshop facilitated class where questions are encouraged to dive deeper into your practice through the understanding of the alignment of your body. Rookie, Beginner and Advanced students will all come away with a more personalized yoga for their body type as we explore correct alignment of all poses with variations and modifications.

7.1 Beginner Vinyasa Class

This beginner class is an introduction to the breath with movement while developing strength, improving flexibility and increasing awareness.  The class is moderately paced to help develop each posture to cultivate an individual Vinyasa practice.  Studio will be 85-90 degrees and little humidity. 

7.2 Intermediate Vinyasa Class

This intermediate class is a heated vigorous flow which focuses on building core strength to develop advanced postures.  7.2 focuses on alignment to build strength and balance while detoxifying the body.  Studio will be 90-95 degrees with moderate humidity. 

7.3 Advanced Vinyasa Class

This is an advanced flow that uses core strength for arm balances and inversions.  Using challenging transitions to flow through class we will explore breath to help with alignment and balance.  Studio will be 90-95 degrees with moderate humidity.

Power-Yoga with Free Weights

Power- Yoga is a heated class to advance muscle tone and intensify each yoga posture.  A fast-paced class which focuses on all major muscle groups will help boost metabolism and push students to their strength limit.  The benefits of power-yoga include building strength and balance while improving flexibility and lung capacity to enhance athletes performance.  Studio will be 90-95 degrees with moderate humidity. 


Classes designed to keep the kids’ attention based on age and will last 30 -45 minutes.  Each class includes an introduction to yoga postures and breath to help them grow mentally, physically and socially.  All classes are fun, interactive and energy-burning yoga for kids to foster coordination and focus.  Classes offered by age range include:

• Walking to 3 yrs old
• 3-6 yrs old
• 7-9 yrs old
• 10-12 yrs old/Tweens
• 13-17 yrs old/Teens

CommUNITY Yoga

COME ONE, COME ALL!  This class facilitates generational family interaction in activities and games which incorporates yoga poses.  This class creates a fun environment and encourages freedom of expression for all ages. 


For the expectant mother, the class will help relieve the aches and pains that naturally occur during pregnancy.  The class sequence is modified to accommodate women of all levels and stages of pregnancy.  Expectant mothers will find relief in the contraindications of pregnancy. 

Slow Flow Yoga

For students age 50 and over to learn modifications for heart disease, arthritis and osteoporosis.  In addition, students will learn poses to manage pain, prevent falls and find spirituality while aging. 


Rest, relax, detoxify and stretch through a sequence of seated postures.

Desk Jockey Yoga

If you are at your desk all day, you create unnatural right angles in your lower body and elbows. This 45 min flow will remobilize your joints to eliminate the 2PM mid-day crash.

Mommy & Me

For parent(s) and children under the age of 4.